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Compatible powerful, lightweight and simple

P60Ti ARGB The tower is light, and the heat is broken
  • High efficiency inverse gravity

    6X6mm specification
    Second generation inverse gravity heat pipe
    245W heat dissipation design

  • Two towers and two fans

    154mm height
    104 all-aluminum fins
    8755cm² heat radiating area

  • Extended bearing fan

    Extended HDB bearing
    Longer service life
    Industrial grade dynamic balance

  • Easy installation

    One-piece square bracket
    High performance thermal grease

Continuous optimization, breakthrough

6*6mm gravity optimized heat pipe
Theoretical thermal conductivity of a single heat pipe ≥50W

6*6mm gravity optimized heat pipe Antigravity (Solve the influence of gravity on heat dissipation)
  • Fine carved slightly convex pure copper base

    The base adopts electroplating process, which can be more tightly attached to the CPU under the action of pressure buckle, and the heat conduction efficiency is higher

This data comes from the test of coolleo laboratory. Due to different test environments,
the actual heat dissipation power varies from platform to platform, and the actual measurement shall prevail

Superior airflow structure

FIN through fin fitting process, efficient heat conduction

The FIN folding fin process is beautiful
Stable and provides good air ducts

High air volume, low noise

Hurricane N120-ARGB

  • High air volume and high wind pressure
  • Silicone pad for noise reduction

  • ARGB magic light effect
  • Extended HDB bearing

User-Centered Design (UCD)

Square integrated buckle, stable and easy to install

  • LGA1700:Intel backplane + orange rubber column + square bracket +Intel screws

  • LGA115X/1200:Intel backplane + gray rubber column + square bracket +Intel screws

  • AMD AM4/AM5: Grey plastic column + square bracket +AMD screws (The AM4/AM5 platform is installed with the original mainboard backplane)

  • High performance thermal grease as standard High thermal conductivity, low thermal resistance coefficient
    Easy to apply, long life
    Non-corrosive, insulated

Product Parameter

  • Product size

    L 120*W 137*H 154mm

  • Heat pipe specification

    6mm *6pcs

  • Fin count


  • Support platform


Fan parameter

  • Model

    Hurricane N120-ARGB

  • Size


  • Voltage


  • Electric current


  • Full load speed


  • Noise


  • Maximum air volume


  • Maximum wind pressure


  • Fan interface

    4PIN PWM

  • Bearing type

    HDB Bearing

  • Warranty period


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