Cool life Within Reach

Tulong W360-BK

Tulong Warrior 360

  • Boom pump V2.0
  • Magnetic ARGB top cover
  • T28 Performance fan

Boom pump V2.0 architecture

5 super performance experiences

  • Precision blade micro runner copper base

    Low thermal resistance, efficient heat conduction

  • Low resistance jet chamber

    Low water resistance jet channel cavity, accelerate liquid circulation

  • Steel shaft, copper alloy bearing

    Stable operation, average life of 40,000 hours

  • Three-phase silent motor

    Commutation is smooth and quieter than a one-way 8 motor

  • Low noise operation

    Operating noise <29 dB (A)

Self-developed new generation cold head

High performance low noise water pump

  • 1Magnetic upper cover
  • 2Shell base
  • 3Three-phase silent motor
  • 4Main pump chamber
  • 5Multi-layer pressure nozzle
  • 6Pump impeller
  • 7Water distribution unit
  • 8Seal assembly
  • 9Precision gear base

Semi-transparent luminous top cover

Exquisite and transparent, warm as jade
Motherboard ARGB Synchro

Perfect Lamay curve design

Perfect fusion of circle and rectangle, square and square

Magnetic top cover

Detachable magnetic top cover for free direction

LOGO can be rotated 360°

High polymer braided tube

EPDM+IIR polymer water cooling pipe
has the characteristics of low evaporation rate, long life and easy to bend
Reinforced with woven mesh, anti-wear protection, more beautiful

Square water bank

Beautiful square, micro-channel, low water resistance makes heat dissipation faster !

T28 Performance fan

Industrial grade material 28mm thick fan

28mm thick fan design, performance and chassis compatibility balance selection
Industrial strength PBT+PC material

Fan connection

Multiple fans are connected in parallel to form a group of cables
for easy installation and cable management, and the chassis is cleaner

The perfect partner for high wind pressure and thick cold row

Hurricane T28 High pressure performance fan with high performance cold row to complement each other

  • 3.5mmH20

    Full load wind pressure

  • 70CFM

    Maximum air volume

  • 2250RPM

    Full load speed

Enhanced FDB bearing, stable and quiet

Copper sleeve steel shaft: earthquake resistant and can provide higher concentricity
Brass bearing housing: Brass CNC grinding of the bearing housing wrapped FDB bearings,
reduce tolerances, more stable and durable.

  • Copper sleeve steel shaft

  • Brass bearing housing

  • Fan pre-installed, humanized design, save time and worry

Easy to install buckle structure

New easy to install buckle, full support
Intel LGA1200/1700 and AMDAM4/AM5 platforms,
novice can also quickly complete the installation.

  • Slide the Intel metal backplane of the platform

  • Rotate the mounted Intel bracket

  • Rotary mount of AMD holder

  • Fit Intel isolation posts and plastic-coated AMD screws

More powerful silicone grease

AK8 is upgraded to AK9 with higher thermal conductivity

Apparent dimension

Product parameter

Product specification

  • Product modelTulongwushi 360
  • Product typeIntegrated water-cooled radiator
  • Support platformLGA115X/1200/LGA1700/AM4/AM5
  • Warranty period3 years
  • Water discharge parameter

  • Cold row size397x120x27(mm)
    Pipe length380(mm)
  • Cold set materialaluminum
    Water pipe materialEPDM+IIR
  • Pump parameter

  • Cold head size72x72x60.5(mm)
    Input voltage12V
  • Pump life40000H
    Input current0.35A±10%
  • Running noise29±2dB(A)
    Operating power4.2W±10%
  • Underside materialcopper
    Full load speed2400RPM±10%
  • Fan parameter

  • Fan size120x120x28(mm)
    Input voltage12V
  • Fan volume70.0CFM±5%
    Input current0.2A±10%
  • Fan pressure3.5mmH20±5%
    Operating power3.4W±10%
  • Fan noise27.5±2dB(A)
    Full load speed2250RPM±10%
  • Fan weight172g±10%
    Bearing typeFDB Bearing
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