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Etian CL-P50i PRO

Vintage Innovation | Excellent Performance

Coolleo Etian P50i PRO

Etian P50i PRO
  • Efficient Anti-Gravity Design

    5 pcs Optimized heat pipes
    Heat Pipe Direct Touch Technology
    240W Cooling Capacity

  • Good heat dissipation compatibility

    148mm Height
    51 pcs Aluminum Fins
    Big Cooling area

  • High Air Pressure + Low Noise

    FDB bearing
    All-covered Anti-Vibration Rubber

  • Easy installation

    Multi-platform all-metal buckle(Intel & AMD)
    High performance thermal grease

Optimize the capillary structure and liquid volume

5*6mm Specification 2nd Generation Anti-gravity heat pipes
Single heat pipe Thermal conductivity ≥50W

5*6mm Specification 2nd Generation Anti-gravity heat pipes Anti-gravity(Resolve the effect of gravity to heat dissipation)
  • Heat Pipe Direct Touch Technology

    HDT Direct Touch Fine Bottom Surface process
    lncreased coverage area by 20% comparedto 4 pcs heat pipes
    Enabling a larger coverage area for the next generation of CPUs

Data sources from COOLLEO, laboratory test results vary by test environment and actual thermal power by platform

Optimize every detail

Fin-to-Fin Interlocking Fin Process

Performance-grade Turbo Fan

S120 PRO

  • High Air Pressure
  • Anti-Vibration Rubber

  • Ducted Airflow Turbo Design
  • FDB bearing

User-Centered Design (UCD)

Square integrated buckle, stable and easy to install

  • LGA1700:Intel backplane + standoffs + square bracket +Intel screws

  • LGA115X/1200:Intel backplane + standoffs + square bracket +Intel screws

  • AMD AM4/AM5: Grey plastic standoffs + square bracket +AMD screws(For AM4/AM5 platform, please use the original motherboard backplane)

  • High performance thermal grease High thermal conductivity (12.4W (W/m°C))
    Easy to apply and long life
    High insulation and no corrosion

Product Specification

  • Product Size


  • Heat pipe specification

    6mm *5pcs

  • Qty of Fins


  • Support platform


S120 PRO

  • Fan Size


  • Fan Voltage


  • Fan current


  • Max Speed


  • Fan Noise Level


  • Max Airflow


  • Max Air Pressure


  • Interface

    4PIN PWM

  • Bearing type

    FDB Bearing

  • Warranty

    5 years

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